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Sweet Feet 100ml

R 58.00

Refreshes tired, aching feet

Sweet Feet contains plant extracts.


  • Promotes an analgesic effect.
  • Has a cooling effect on the skin.
  • Is advantageous for proper blood circulation.
  • Helps reduce excessive sweating and freshens feet.


  • Mix Sweet Feet with Muscle Gel and massage tired feet with long, upward strokes.  Massage every toe, move the hand firmly upwards over the bridge of the feet.
  • Apply Sweet Feet to clean feet before putting on shoes.
  • Massage toes daily with Sweet Feet with Muscle Gel to help prevent and treat chilblains.


Wash feet regularly and dry thoroughly.

Change socks and shoes regularly.

Wear comfortable shoes that fit well.

Leather shoes are preferable as they are porous and feet will sweat less.

Expose feet to air as often as possible.

A foo massage improves blood circulation and is relaxing.

Appearance of this product may have a very minute variation due to the natural ingredients used.