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MOR Immune

R 350.00

Immune Trigger & Moringa Leaf Powder Capsules 60

Our unique fulvic acid and moringa formulation is used for Alzheimer's disease, respiratory tract infections, cancer, fatigue, heavy metal toxicity, allergies and preventing a condition in which the body tissues do not receive enough oxygen.

Fulvic acid is also used on the skin for eczema.

Moringa is the most nutrient-dense plant with the highest antioxidant levels on the planet.  Therefore, this combination can be described as a super immunity aide.

Medical research indicates that fulvic acid may bolster your body's defence against many illnesses.

Fulvic acid is considered a humic substance, meaning it is a naturally occurring compound. 

Mor Immunity is further imbued with the properties of Moringa Olifeira, the miracle tree!