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Herbal Warrior Refreshing Cooling Spritzer

R 62.40 R 78.00

Herbal Warrior - Refreshing cooling spritzer 

100% natural, eco-friendly and unique multi-purpose spray contains pharmaceutical grade lavender, juniper, tea tree, thyme, peppermint and moringa seed essential oils.

6 in 1 uses for people and pets.

Coolant, Insect Repellent, UV Absorption, Skin Hydration Therapy, Sanitiser, Treats Malodours

Herbal Warrior Natural multi-purpose Spritzer is carefully formulated to ensure that you receive the highest quality of care and treatment while protecting you, your family and the environment from harmful chemicals.

This non-medical product is toxin-free and does not contain any photosensitive contents and is very effective for cooling and hydrating the skin while repelling insects and slightly reducing UV absorption.

Directions for use:
• Keep chilled as a Summer Spritzer
• Shake before use and spray generously on your skin.
• Spray on hands to apply to face
• Spray freely on yourself and your pets before walks or playing with other animals

• For external use
• Avoid polished furniture for water stains
• Store away from direct sunlight                                                                 

Follow official or medical advice in red-flagged areas and areas related to malaria.