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Copper 240ml

R 510.00

96 day supply. 

Destroys harmful micro-organisms.


  • Cleanses lymphatic system, stimulates peristalsis and strengthens immune system
  • Aids balancing of iron in the blood
  • Needed by all tissues in the body.
  • Aids with collagen production, supports production of elastin, protein responsible for the elastic properties of blood vessels and skin
  • Component of the enzyme copper-zinc dismutase and protein ceruloplasmin, which inhibits free radical formation.
  • Patented, clinically tested professional grade CHD-fulvic acid has been added to further increase absorption and enhance overall well-being as fulvic acid has natural anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and detoxification properties.


  • Adults:  Place ½ teaspoon into water or juice for maintenance.  Use more if required or recommended by your health professional.