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Clever-4-Ever - 30 Capsules

R 187.00

Beneficial for brain and intellectual functions

Clever-4-Ever helps support brain function regarding memory, learning, concentration, linguistic ability and emotions.


  • Phosphatidylserine, the main nutrient in Clever-4-Ever, boosts brain power, as shown in a study of 149 people aged 50 or older, who had “normal” age-related memory loss.
  • In the study, half the participants took phosphatidylserine, while the other half took a placebo.  By the end of the experiment, the people taking phosphatidylserine benefited from a 15% improvement in learning and other memory tasks.  Look at those results, one of the researchers concluded: “Phosphatidylserine may reverse approximately 12 years of decline”.


  • Take 1 Clever-4-Ever capsule daily with breakfast.
  • Use for at least 3 months.


In the long run, low-fat diets are more likely to slow down the brain that to keep it going strong.  Without enough good fats your brain simply won’t function optimally.  Eat more fish, nuts and avocados and supplement with Omega 3.

Blood circulation is essential for optimal brain function, memory and concentration.  Circulate-It contains plant extracts that play an important role in blood circulation.