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Baby Shampoo 100ml

R 45.00

Ideal for the delicate skin of babies


Baby Shampoo contains plant extracts


  • Combat bacteria, viruses and parasites.
  • Soothe the skin.
  • May relieve inflammation.
  • Moisturise, nourish and protect skin and hair.
  • Help to maintain the natural pH of the scalp.
  • Benefit proper circulation which promotes healthy hair growth.


  • Wash baby’s hair and body with Baby Shampoo.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Massage scalp softly.
  • Rinse well.
  • Dry the body gently and press hair dry with towel.


Cradle cap: Apply Baby Oil to scalp and leave to soften.  Use a dry facecloth and rub gently to loosen the flaky skin.  Wash baby’s hair with Baby Shampoo.  Massage scalp gently with Super Aloe Gel.

Cleanse baby’s whole body with Baby Shampoo