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Who are we

Lyndsay Jackson

Natur Health Products is the culmination of many years of trying to live my best life.  After 20 years in the hospitality industry, running a business that required high levels of energy and mental agility, it was time to turn my life’s experiences into my passion: Creating a sales platform that concentrates on products that maintain a healthy and energetic lifestyle.  

As an Ovo-Lacto vegetarian for over 40 years, I have learned to balance work, family demands, and fun activities (running, hiking, Pilates & travelling) by making healthy lifestyle choices. 

Natur Health Products focuses on highly effective plant-based products. They have been chosen to help you live better and feel better. 



Lee-Ann Cotton
My life started in the vineyard encased town of Paarl. Born to a health nut mom and a tall father who has remained at the same weight his entire adult life. I remember my mom being always on a diet, tomato soup dinners, scrambled eggs and tomato, diet pills and lotions and potions. My mom fed her family healthy meals though, we were raised on salad and chicken in summer and soups in winter, dessert was a Sunday treat. We did plenty of sports and with that my sister and I remained fit and healthy. Then, at 20, I met the man who changed me and the rest of my life. He only dated beauty queens, why me, I don’t know, Very soon, I had to slim down and in my fervent efforts to impress, I lost 16kg in three months on a diet of black coffee, diet coke, and dry toast. I cut out sugar completely.

My eating disorder lasted about as long as the relationship. During that time I studied and qualified as a documentary filmmaker at film school in Amsterdam, I worked for a broadcaster and I worked for my plastic surgeon boyfriend in Hamburg. After 15 years and an ensuing very bad breakup, I was alone, no kids, no home. I moved back to South Africa, poor and undernourished, and had to start my life from scratch at 35. I had no medical aid and I could not afford to get sick, so I started eating healthily. I read every label on every packet in the supermarket, books on healthy eating, attended healthy cooking workshops. Slowly feeding myself the best food I could afford, became second nature. My weight was no longer an issue, as I settled into a weight my body liked and was comfortable at, around 55kg. I went for walks, learned gentle yoga, I learned what you put in your body matters as much as what you put on it. But most of all I learned being kind to myself. I learned stress leads to disease and wrinkles and I learned not to sweat the small stuff. At 51, I am healthy, happy, fit and all the wiser and still avoid sugar where ever possible.